About Us

Nearly Two Decades of Exceptional Service

We’re forever grateful for outstanding clients with whom we’ve been fortunate to build long-term relationships. Because of these relationships, we have established a strong presence as a trusted legal team in California, Nevada, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona.



TALG Established in Las Vegas, NV


TALG Established its Orange County Office in Irvine, CA


TALG Established its Dallas, TX Office


TALG Established its Raleigh, North Carolina Office


TALG Established its Scottsdale, Arizona Office

TALG also has Associated Outside Counsel in Louisiana, New York, and Florida.

Mission Statement

We are a multi-jurisdictional law firm that solves complex problems, leveraging cutting edge technology for clients, whether in the courtroom or boardroom.

TALG Core Values


We are outside-the-box thinkers who use experience, savvy, and practical know-how combined with advanced technology to guide our strategies and give our clients every edge possible.


We have perfected the art of aggressive representation while maintaining integrity and strict adherence to an ethical code of conduct.


We are nothing if we aren’t completely dedicated to pursuing our clients’ needs, wants, and best interests.

WIT: Whatever It Takes

In the end, we’re willing to go above and beyond to secure a win for our clients.