Tenny Rostomian-Amin

Tenny Rostomian-Amin


Tenny Amin is a Co-Owner/Partner in TALG’s Irvine, California office.

She focuses her practice exclusively on Family Law and Family Law Mediation.

For Better or Worse

Family Law Happy Hour

Episode 5

Child Support, Modifications & Celebrity Settlements

Listen in as Tenny and Shayda tackle child support and the multimillion-dollar settlements in celebrity cases. In this episode you’ll learn how child support is calculated in California, why the law is considered gender-neutral, and the time-sensitivity of modifications. Wonder how much Nick Cannon is paying annually in child support? Tune in to get the full scoop on that and a lot more!

Episode 4

Pre-Nups & Depp V Heard Trial Wrap-Up

Listen in as Tenny and Shayda dissect the importance of pre-nups and the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial. In this episode you’ll learn why a prenuptial agreement is important even if you’re not the top earner or don’t have many assets (right now). We’re also diving into the mechanics of the recent court case heard round the world (pun intended). We’ll even fill you in on a few other celebrity pre-nup agreements – including the infamously rumored “sobriety agreement” one celeb couple included in their pre-nup. Tune in to get the scoop!

Episode 3

Social Media & Celebrity Divorce Culture

Kim and Kanye, Kelly Clarkson, and Robert De Niro all have one really interesting thing in common: multimillion dollar divorces cases. In this episode, Tenny and Shayda tackle celebrity divorce cases and California law. Social media is so pervasive in today’s world that its growing impact on our day to day lives is becoming hard to ignore. The legal field is no exception. This week, we’ll go through some of the most common ways social media can be utilized in divorce litigation and provide some valuable insight on how to use social media responsibly while your case is pending. You’re going to want to listen to this one, especially if you’re Kanye West.

Episode 2

Divorce: Cost, TImelines & Alimony - Oh, My!

In this episode, Tenny and Sam answer your top family law questions about divorce! They discuss real world examples and factors that can contribute to the cost of divorce, as well as how long a divorce can take. You’ll also learn how alimony is calculated and why it’s important to know all this information prior to filing. To learn more about this topic or to ask hosts Tenny and Sam a question, email podcast@talglaw.com or visit talglaw.com for more information.

Episode 1

Welcome to Happy Hour!

In this inaugural episode of For Better or Worse: A Family Law Podcast, we meet our hosts, Tenny Amin and Samantha “Sam” Weissman – family law attorneys at The Amin Law Group in Irvine, CA. We dive into:

  • Mediation – the definition, process, pros and cons, and why it should be considered in family law matters; 
  • Vaccinations – the fight between co-parents when dealing with vaccinations, particularly the new COVID-19 vaccine. If one parent wants to vaccinate their child and the other doesn’t, what can be done?

Submit your family law questions via email to podcast@talglaw.com.

For more information about Tenny and Sam, visit talglaw.com.