AI Lawyer Simplified for Revealing Amazingly Innovative Technology

By February 26, 2019 Business Law

AI Lawyer Defined

AI lawyer technology is based on AI. That stands for artificial intelligence or autonomous thinking. Software governs AI-driven machines. This allows them to make decisions or reach conclusions on their own. This happens without a human telling them how to think or what to do. AI is an emerging field of law and science. It has a lot of exciting possibilities and consequences for us.

How Large Companies Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Some of the examples of AI as it relates to the law are autonomous vehicles. Also, the regulation of said autonomous vehicles. For example, consider Uber, Google, and most other car manufacturers. They are all concerned with developing vehicles that can drive themselves. Tesla has the infamous “Autopilot” mode in their vehicles.

AI Lawyer

One of the questions that the legal society has to deal with is the regulation of autonomous vehicles. For instance, if there was an incident or accident, who would be liable? Would it be the manufacturer of the vehicle? The insurer of the vehicle? Or, would it be the software developer of the vehicle? So, there are some profound considerations to ponder. Additionally, another hot-button issue is the regulation of drones. Also known as airborne unmanned vehicles.

Selecting an AI Lawyer

When selecting an AI lawyer, there is a list of indisputable criteria you should look for. This includes someone who has relevant training and experience in intellectual property law. Additionally, they should understand:

  • How computers work
  • The components of software legal issues
  • Regulatory schemes

Generally speaking, this area of law is a specialized field. Moreover, an attorney that understands your needs is critical to ensuring success.

Want To Learn More About Artificial Intelligence?

Perhaps you’d like to learn more about artificial intelligence and the law. There are plenty of good resources available. Bloomberg issues several periodicals and publications. LexisNexis provides the same categories of content. Westlaw is also another great source for AI legal publications. Most of these resources are available online. Additionally, you can visit university websites to receive critical legal issues and studies. These are storage places for widespread dissemination of academic information. Above all, I would recommend Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley,

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