Are You Prepared and Taking Proper Precautions for Re-Opening?

If you have plans to re-open or have already resumed your business activities, it’s important to know the impacts of COVID-19 and how the law can be utilized to protect you and/or your business.


TALG has prepared a suite of legal documents to help our clients re-engage business activities and welcome back employees under careful measures. The Coronavirus Employer Survival Kit contains a work-place safety re-opening plan, as well as customer and employee waiver(s) for Coronavirus related claims. We are here to ensure that your business is protected and successfully operates as the world continues to navigate COVID-19. The employer survival kit will provide you with a baseline of tools for protection in the current environment. A tailored plan for your specific business needs is encouraged; please reach out to discuss.


We hope that your business re-opens quickly, and you continue to operate and support your employees. To that end, it’s important that you put certain safety measures in place now that will protect your interests and the health and safety of your staff. Call or email us today to get your Coronavirus Employer Survival Kit.