Intellectual Property Law Jurisdiction

Intellectual property law consists of three categories: patent, trademark, and copyright law. In addition, there are other issues that are broader. For example, proprietary information, goodwill or other types of property. However, protected-property may not be subject to the Lanham Act or the USPTO‘s jurisdiction.

Intellectual Property Law
The first step to protect your property is to hire competent counsel. A professional can effectively guide you through legal matters. Their knowledge can provide you with customized and tailored advice.

This advice will ensure that your property is:

  • Identified
  • Protected
  • Future dangers of theft and misuse mitigated

Effective IP Counsel

I recommend that you should meet with your attorney at least once a month. These meetings should discuss appropriate ways to protect your intellectual property. There are so many different proactive steps you can take as a business owner. Involving your counsel early and often is the best approach. In conclusion, an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold.