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Trademark Lawyer: How to Identify the Best

Trademark lawyer means someone who is familiar with trademark laws. This includes the Lanham Act. The way to identify a great trademark lawyer is to identify their level of understanding. The lawyer should understand the rules and procedures of the USPTO (otherwise known as the United States Patent and Trademark Office). They must also understand the consequences of a non-registered trademark at a federal level. Also, they should know what you can and cannot do once you have a registered trademark.

Trademark Lawyer

When selecting a trademark lawyer, you should look for skills and experience. I would also conduct research on the number of submitted trademark applications, in specificity to the number that particular attorney has filed before the USPTO. Another thing to consider is publications. Does that particular attorney have any professional publications out there in the marketplace? Especially ones that state how that individual is an expert in his or her field?

Relationship Recommendations

Once you’ve attempted to interact with your lawyer, I would suggest making communication with them a regular routine. This is because there are often issues that have nothing to do with registration. Yet they have everything to do with the prevention of trademark infringement, and maintenance of the trademark. I would recommend meeting with your counsel at least once a quarter. This will allow you to discuss trademark protection strategies.

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