Artificial Intelligence Attorney: Promising Tech That Will Help in a Lawsuit

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by | Apr 11, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Attorney Applications

Artificial intelligence attorney applications have assisted our firm in reducing workload and cost. Here’s one example. Relativity is a program that allows us to manage voluminous amounts of documents. It also conducts some pretty cool user-friendly searches of those documents.

I can’t tell you the hundreds of thousands of dollars it’s saved our clients. And this is because we’ve been able to use companies like that or programs like Relativity.

So, AI has been a tremendous help in the context of the ESI storage and maintenance and review. This has revolutionized the legal world. AI has done this by saving the client significant sums of money. And by saving the lawyers hours in reviewing documents or analyzing those documents.

AI in Predictive Analysis

An artificial intelligence attorney is very beneficial as of today. In particular, the predictive analysis that it provides. When we generate a report on a judge for example. It helps because we can sit down with our clients and we can go through the decision making process with them. Also, it gives the client analysis. It gives them the ability to make a reasoned and well-informed decision. This is often before the case even hits the courtroom and to me, that’s what it’s all about. As AI develops, predictive decision making analysis will be a part of the law. There will be more efficient mechanisms to make decisions. Also, the client makes those decisions in conjunction with consulting good legal counsel.

AI Gives More Equal Access

AI has benefited our firm because it levels the playing field. We had a case involving a trade secret theft allegation. The other side was a very large international law firm. They produced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of documents. Also, this required significant amounts of attorney time to review and analyze. Through AI we were able to upstream those documents into a cloud-based software. It allowed management of, review, and analysis of the documents in a fraction of the time and cost for our client.

Artificial Intelligence AttorneyThis gave our client a level playing field with an opponent that was well funded. And one that had a conglomerate law firm representing it on the other side. To me, that’s the real benefit of AI. It allows more equal access to a well-financed litigant or a litigant that may not be as well financed. Also, it gives value to all players in the game. It allows lawyers to do their job in as efficient of a manner as possible.


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