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Proactive. Responsive. Problem-Solvers.

Regardless of the transactional size or scope, TALG uses a proactive deal-flow approach to successfully consummate the deal both efficiently and expediently.

TALG aggressively protects our client’s interests in both the courtroom and boardroom. In the boardroom, we’ve counseled our clients in a litany of deals including Mergers and Acquisitions; Distressed Asset Acquisition, Asset Sales, Divestment, capital raises, debt and equity restructuring and financing transactions.


Safeguard Your Investments.

Navigating the intricate landscape of securities law can be challenging, but it’s a challenge you don’t have to face alone. At TALG, we’re more than just legal counsel; we’re your strategic partners committed to guiding you through every facet of your securities-related needs.

With a comprehensive range of services, we have the expertise to address all your securities concerns.

Biotech, Biologics, and Compliance

Navigating You Through the FDA Regulatory Process

We have a unique understanding of the needs of embryonic biotechnology firms with promising technology and the need for access to capital markets, while efficiently navigating the complex FDA compliance process. We have represented larger biotechnology and publicly traded biologics companies for over 10 years.

Please reference our Biotech Bulletin for additional information about biotechnology and current events in the field of biotechnology.


Unlocking the Future of Finance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies and assets, TALG stands as a prominent leader, forging the path to a future where innovation meets robust legal guidance. We are steadfastly committed to assisting our clients in navigating the regulatory framework, ensuring they are fully compliant with entities such as the SEC, CFTC, and other relevant regulatory agencies.

Our expertise extends beyond regulatory matters, encompassing the realm of litigation involving digital assets and currencies.


We Know the Business of Health.

We’ve assisted providers in acquiring, selling and re-structuring health care assets such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home-health care agencies and assisted living facilities, navigating through the myriad of federal and state regulations, payor reimbursement issues, seeking FDA approval for drugs and medical devices, and more.

Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Brand Identity.

In business, your identity and branding define your success. We’ll help safeguard your intellectual property from misuse or infringement. If your brand identity, trade name, or trademark is compromised, we’ll aggressively pursue justice.


Vigorous Defense. Cost-Effective Resolution.

Our meticulous and strategic approach to real estate transactions and construction defect defense includes cutting-edge technology to give you every advantage possible.

Family Law

Effective Representation When It Matters Most

The successful resolution of your case is our top priority. Our Family Law team is dedicated to helping you navigate and resolve these sensitive matters. We are prepared to get you the results you need through litigation or by utilizing our mediation services.


Resolve Conflicts Peacefully.

Don’t let disputes escalate. Partner with us for expert mediation services, resolving family, business, and employment matters amicably and efficiently.


Stop problems before they happen.

The Regulatory Law Practice Group at TALG is comprised of seasoned attorneys committed to providing comprehensive guidance and strategic counsel in the complex and ever-evolving landscape of regulatory law.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client service. Our team is accessible, responsive, and committed to providing clear and concise communication at every stage of your regulatory journey.


Experienced. Dedicated. Knowledgeable.

TALG Founder Ismail Amin is a licensed pilot himself, so we have a unique appreciation for the needs of the aviation community – from operators to pilots, mechanical providers, subcontractors, and insurers.

Discover aviation law excellence at TALG. We specialize in U.S. Commercial Aviation, General Aviation, and FAA Regulatory Matters.

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