Trademark Search Challenges

Trademark search efforts are complex. You should conduct a trademark search before filing a trademark application. Accordingly, using an attorney is a good idea.

Where to Conduct a Search

Firstly, you can conduct a trademark search by going to the USPTO website. Indeed, USPTO stands for “United States Patent and Trademark Office”. Then, on the website, you will find a software system called TESS. Next, this system allows you to conduct trademark searches.

Also, consider having an attorney conduct the search.

Benefits to Having Your Attorney Conduct a Search

  • Ease of navigating the many legal requirements,
  • Attorneys can answer legal questions from the USPTO, and
  • Allow you to have the best chance of obtaining a registration.

Trademark SearchWhy Do a Search?

To determine several things:

  • If your trademark or service mark is registrable,
  • The likelihood of confusion with another mark, and
  • Whether your mark is strong enough to justify registration.

A Strong Trademark is Vital

Also, answering these questions will help determine the strength of your trademark:

Is it…

  • Descriptive?
  • Fanciful?
  • Arbitrary?
  • Generic?