AI Legal Services Applications

AI legal services have assisted our firm in handling intellectual property cases. It’s helped with trademark filings and trademark registrations. Also, it has helped with the management of IP related ligation, which can be voluminous.

AI has been a tremendous help in storing and searching electronically stored information (ESI). So, AI has been a boon in the world of IP. There’s also the patent side of AI. AI has expedited patent searches through USPTO records. It’s also expedited trademark searches through USPTO records. It’s been a tremendous benefit to our practice.

AI Legal

AI legal services will make life easier for lawyers. They help with contract generation, revision, and modification. Generally speaking, lawyers have a pretty good bank of forms. We rely on them for a specific context. The longer a lawyer has practiced in a particular area, the better forms that a lawyer typically has. AI would be helpful when it takes a wide body of different forms used in different contexts. It then gives recommendations to the drafter. Also, it advises on which covenants or provisions to include in the contract. It also advises the significance of deleting or adding provisions to the contracts. AI in drafting contracts or modifying contracts is a tremendous value to a lawyer and the client.

AI Companies

The one tech firm that I admire in the world of developing legal applications for AI is Lex Machina. They have a great AI platform. It does an analysis of judges, claims, potential verdicts, and settlements. They take a pretty impressive array of data and they apply it to specific cases. That’s one great AI decision-making tool that our firm utilizes. There are other AI vendors out there that handle voluminous amounts of data, data searches, and so on. This is going to benefit the consumer or the client as a whole.