Copyright Logo Power Tips and How to Protect Your Valuable IP

By January 24, 2019 Business Law

Copyright Logo as a “Creative Work”?

Copyright logo is generally not subject to copyright protection. But, logos do fall under the jurisdiction of trademark law. Copyrights pertain to the likes of artistic works of expression. For instance, a creative work might include a project you have authored. These could take the form of a book, magazine, novel or a poem. Famous copyrights also include other forms of artistic expression, such as songs.

How Your Logo Can Benefit From Trademark Law

Logos receive protection under trademark law. As a result, this means your creative expressions can seek coverage under the inclusive Lanham Act. This is best done by filing a trademark application with the USPTO. Assuming the trademark application it gained approval after consideration. It would give your logo protection for a total of 10 consecutive years.

Copyright Logo

Moreover, you should definitely hire appropriate counsel to help you through this process. The average joe would consider logos to be technical and complex matters. The hardest part is to have the appropriate registration prepared for the USPTO. Therefore, for this feat, you will need to hire somebody who knows what they’re doing. Someone who has experience with this particular entity.

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