How to Register a Trademark Explained

You register a trademark by doing the following. File an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). First, conduct search with the USPTO. Then see if your trademark name or service mark is appropriate for registration.

Once you determine it’s appropriate for registration, you would then make the application. That is, assuming you have legal counsel to help you with that determination. If there are no issues or questions from the USPTO, you receive a federally registered trademark or service mark.

How to Register a Trademark

The cost to register a trademark can vary between $1,000 or $2,000, generally speaking. It also depends on the number of categories of services and products that you’re applying for. They’re called classes. The number of classes will generally dictate the amount that you’ll have to pay to the USPTO.

The attorney’s fees associated with filing a trademark application can vary. It goes between one hour to five hours. This depends on the extent and degree of responsiveness needed back to the USPTO’s examining attorneys.

Why You Need an Attorney

It’s important to use an attorney when attempting to register a trademark. Trademark registration can be complex. The Lanham Act has very specific requirements, and it governs this issue. When the USPTO receives a trademark application, it assigns an attorney on its behalf. This attorney reviews the appropriateness of the application. They will respond with comments, questions or concerns. It’s important when you are responding to those questions or concerns that you have an attorney on your side. This gives you the best chance of success in obtaining a federally registered trademark or service mark.