Trade Name Basics

Trade name is the identity a business or proprietorship uses in the marketplace. This remains true regardless of the size of the enterprise. Also, it should be a major focus when formulating a good brand and message for your business. We recommend enlisting the help of good counsel when brainstorming a suitable name. This helps to determine whether that identity is subject to a trademark. Also, whether there are any other trade names out there that might conflict with yours.
Trade Name

3 Useful Tips for Creating a Business Name

There are three things you should consider when evaluating a trade name:

  1. Is there a conflicting name that already exists?
  2. Is the name that you wish to use subject to federal trademark registration? It may or may not be.
  3. Seek out good legal guidance.

Good legal counsel is commonsense, yet critical for your situation. This is a decision necessary if you decide to pursue federal trademark registration. Which I encourage to increase your chances of success during this process.