Trademark Registration Defined

Trademark registration means the USPTO has approved your application. After granting approval, the USPTO issues your certificate. Now you have all the protections afforded by the Lanham Act. Also, this gives you the legal benefits of being a registered trademark owner.

Start the process by conducting a proper search. Go to the USPTO website. After that, use the software program called TESS. Conducting the search will allow you to see if your trademark is appropriate.

Finally, start your application.

Trademark RegistrationReasons to Hire an Attorney

  1. Trademark law in the Lanham Act is very hard to understand.
  2. It can be more expensive to file a trademark on your own – if the USPTO rejects your application, it is expensive and difficult to file it again.
  3. Also, having an attorney is important for maintaining the certificate.

In conclusion, I suggest hiring a lawyer for the trademark registration process.