Business Law Attorney Selection

Business law embodies many legal principles around the business world and owner. When selecting an attorney, consider what type of legal issue you have. Do I have a transactional issue that involves buying or selling a business? Is the problem a corporate governance issue that involves the day to day affairs of the business entity? Do I have a commercial litigation issue where there is a dispute among businesses? Business law encompasses those three areas.

As you are selecting a business law attorney, look for experience, training, education, and specifics. For a specific legal issue, you want a lawyer with experience in that particular subset.

Examples of Issues Covered by Business Attorneys Include:

Business law is a very broad area because there are many interrelated disciplines within that area of the law. Therefore, it is a wise thing to interview your potential attorney and study up on his/her experience.

Business Law

The best way to study up on a prospective attorney’s experience is to see what information is out there. In today’s world? Google them. Go to their website, check out their biography. If they don’t have a website, go to the state bar to see if they have any specific disciplines or specialties. Look for specific disciplines: the Business Law Group or Intellectual Property Law Group. Also, do a general search to see if this lawyer has any articles or publications out there. Ensure that the person you’re hiring has appropriate experience and training.

Multiple lawyers or one firm?

Finally, use one firm for your business attorney needs. Because your business is one entity, it requires one lawyer who can see the whole picture of your business from top to bottom. That lawyer can then make legal decisions that fit within your business model. Working this way allows a great sense of camaraderie with your attorney.