Trademark Lookup with TESS

The trademark lookup process begins with going to the USPTO. And using their software called “TESS“. Which stands for, “The Trademark Electronic Search System”. In this system, you would input terms relevant to your trademark. There are several ways to do this. The easiest way is to ask a legal adviser to help you. This will ensure that your search results are appropriate.

Hire a Lawyer

There is a tremendous benefit to having your attorney conduct a trademark lookup for you. First of all, generally speaking, trademark attorneys know what she or he would be looking for. Also, they will be able to inform you if the trademark you are applying to register is worth using. They will also be able to tell you if there are any search results that might conflict with yours. This will prevent the creation of a registration problem down the line. So hiring competent counsel on this area is critical to your success.

Trademark Lookup
There are several important factors to consider when conducting a trademark lookup. First, determine whether the trademark is suitable for registration. This should be a mandatory step before you even conduct the search. Second, have a wide berth or parameter when you conduct a search with the USPTO. Third, analyze the search results that you get back. You want to ensure that there is nothing out there that conflicts with your application.